The rates are subjected to change and based on the situation, the time it takes to do the job, and the distance I have to travel to get there. I’m very negotiable and I may offer discounts to repeated customers for their continuous business or referring a new client. Please contact me for more information.



Taking your dog(s) out on their normal walk. Whether that's on your property, up the street, or into the forest.

Hourly Visitations

Hourly visits include feeding, walking, cleaning up after, playing, and doing whatever else makes your pet happy. I include a quick house check, pick up the mail, modify the lights, water plans, and whatever else is needed. You may request to have your dog walked the entire hour.


Completing the same tasks as for hourly visits, but over a longer duration.


In-home stays involve your dog being cared for in my friendly and secure home. I will do my best to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as he would of normally been in while in your care. I will also try to maintain your dog's regular feeding and exercise schedule.