Kelly Mahoney

  • I'm 22 years old
  • HB Comm degree in international business
  • Minor in marketing
  • I'm a registered pet sitter on
  • I love nature and being outdoors.

About Me

Animals Have And Will Always Be A Big Part Of My Life

It's funny how our furry companions never fail to make us smile. I've always had a strong passion for taking care of animals and I'm continuously trying to promote the importance of adoption over breeding, spaying and neutering, and using cruelty-free products. I've officially been pet sitting for 3 years and I consider myself trustworthy, motivated, active, and diligent, which are important qualities when it comes to keeping up with your pet. I truly understand the love and compassion people have for their pets, that's why I ensure spending quality time with them in order to care for their needs.

What I Do

I have Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lakehead University (2015) and in my spare time, I offer pet and house sitting services, as well as pet walking services. I consider myself a very creative person and I enjoy painting, crafting, and making jewelry. I also intend on applying my creativity to enhance my business innovation.

In The Future

I see myself working for or owning a company that has strong core values for animal welfare, reducing carbon footprints, and ethically sourcing products.


  • Choosing adoption over breeding
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Maintaing honesty, fairness, and loyalty to clients
  • Being a caring and compassionate person
  • Taking initiative and responsibility
  • Acting reasonable, trustworthy and accountable