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Thank-you for considering me to look after your special companion. I've officially been pet sitting for 3 years and have made many fury friends along the way. I consider myself trustworthy, motivated, active, and diligent, which are important qualities when it comes to keeping up with your pet! I truly understand the love and compassion people have for their pets, that's why I ensure spending quality time with them in order to care for their needs. I also have a Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree in international business with a minor in marketing.


Why Choose A Sitter?
How Does It Work?
Can My Pet Come To Your Home Instead?
What Are Your Rates?
What Kinds Of Pets Do You Work With?

Why Choose A Pet Sitter?

Most pets are accustomed to a routine. Pet sitting services help your pet stay on their regular routines, while being in the comfort of their own home. With the recognizable sights, sounds, and smells, pets keep to their normal exercise, sleep, and eating routines.

When you’d rather not inconvenience friends and family, pet sitters can be trusted to care for your special companion(s). Creating a business relationship with clear expectations ensures that your pet is getting the quality care that it needs.

Pet sitters can also serve as a crime deterrent. Most sitters will bring in your mail, turn lights on/off, and any other arrangements to help give your home a lived-in look.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being care for by a professional.

How Does It Work?

I schedule an initial visit with you and your pet(s) in a comfortable surrounding for you and for them. You get to show me where you keep the food and cleaning supplies, and meet the person looking after your special companion face-to-face. During the visit, I will make sure I receive your contact and veterinary information, any medications and health information, and an emergence contact’s information. You’ll get the opportunity to talk about your pets routine, and any likes or dislikes they have.

Can My Pet Come To Your Home Instead?

Yes, I would be happy to care for your pet in my home, however:
  • Your pet must get along with other animals such as, dogs and cats.
  • It must have no history of biting

What Are Your Rates?

Rates are based on the situation are subjected to change. I’m very negotiable and I may offer discounts to repeated customers for their continuous business or referring a new client.
Please contact me for more information.

What Kinds of Pets Do You Work With?

I work with all kinds of pets, such as dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, and many small caged animals.

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